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The new standard in exceptional performance, revolutionary priced cinema lens adapter

The Redrock M2 Encore shows significant light performance over previous models


The award-winning Redrock M2 Encore represents a new era of performance and affordability for 35mm lens adapters that enable digital video cameras to achieve remarkable "film style" footage. Over two years in the making, the M2 Encore is an upgrade to the award-winning M2 that allows 35mm lenses to be attached to your existing DV or HD camera to deliver the depth of field, angle of view, and focus techniques typically found only in 35mm motion picture film.


microSupport Baseplate High Riser  M2/microX Encore Bundle  microSupport Baseplate High Riser  microSupport Baseplate High Riser  microSupport Baseplate High Riser
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M2 Encore cinema lens adapter

M2e Overview

The M2 Encore attaches to your existing DV or HD camera without modifications. Once installed and setup, you attach 35mm still photographic (Nikon, Canon, etc.) or motion picture lenses to achieve true film-style footage.

The M2 Encore works with other Redrock accessories including the microMatteBox and microFollowFocus to deliver a complete cinema rig at a fraction the cost of comparable solutions.

Collimating Lens Mount

The M2e comes standard with a collimating lens mount that allows you to easily and precisely set adjust your adapter so your lens distance markings and infinity focus are precise. All new M2 Encore adapters are shipped from the factory pre-collimated.

Live Lens(tm) Active Lens Mount for Canon EF lenses

microSupport Baseplate High Riser      microSupport Baseplate High Riser  
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A first for commercial 35mm adapters, Redrock introduces the Live Lens active lens mount, an optional accessory for the M2 Encore. LiveLens enables your Canon EF lenses to be electronically controlled while attached to your M2 Encore. Controls include the ability to adjust aperture, and an accessory port for future enhancements. LiveLens draws power from a 9v battery, an optional d-tap connector, or an optional AC adapter.

M2e and microX Encore Flip Accessory

The M2 Encore has a companion updated microX Encore flip accessory for correctly orienting the image ("rightside up") for ease of use and monitoring. More details on the microX Encore can be found on our microX Encore product page ->.

M2 Encore Summary of Benefits

  • Best light efficiency available in the industry at slightly less than 1/2 stop light loss (including the microX Encore flip accessory)
  • Completely redesigned optics for edge sharpness and vignette-free operation
  • Rugged high quality construction for durability and silent operation
  • Complete Bundle solutions

M2 Encore Technical Details

  • Less than 1/2 stop light loss - best efficiency in industry, and superior color contrast when stopping down
  • Completely reformulated optics eliminates distortion and vignetting
  • Faster, easier setup (including simplified attachment to microX)
  • Collimating lens mount (new adapters come pre-collimated from the factory and adjustment is not necessary)
  • Universal camera support, including Sony EX series cameras
  • Silent operation
  • Interchangeable lens mounts without opening the adapter, including PL mount
  • Interchangeable knob accent colors
  • New, more powerful motor for silent operation, faster shutter speeds
  • Internal dust trap
  • Easy access port for cleaning adapter internals
  • Rechargeable battery for 18+ hours of continuous level power
  • Integrated battery charger: external sources power the adapter and charge internal batteries
  • Works with external battery bricks such as v-mount and Anton Bauer
  • Battery indicator status for charging, on, and low battery
  • Fast shutter speeds up to 1/500 and beyond
  • Legendary Redrock Bokeh from cinescreen II with cineLux
  • Intelligent power (Internal Power Regulation, built-in battery charger, power management and fault protection, diagnostic status indicator)
  • Shock mounted motor to reduce vibrations and to protect the motor and gg
  • Full rubber gaskets in all seals for silent operation and light leak prevention
  • Works with existing Redrock microSupport system Baseplate and microRods
  • Aircraft-grade machined aluminum construction
  • 100% glue-free assembly
  • Weight of complete M2 Encore Indie Bundle: 6lb 12 oz (3 kg) )including rod support, baseplate, microX Encore and all mounting equipment)

For Current M2 Owners

There are many new features and enhancements in the new adapter release. The primary improvements of the M2 Encore from the M2 that were most requested by you are:

  1. Improved light transmission - The full Encore system including flip accessory loses less than 1/2 stop of light
  2. Improved edge sharpness/vignette reduction - entirely new optics deliver radical improvements in both overall and edge sharpness. It's been called the best in the industry
  3. Sony EX series compatibility - All M2 Encore components work with virtually any prosumer DV or HD camera up to 1/2" chip size.
  4. Collimating lens mount - precise adjustment of backfocus just by turning a knob
  5. No need to replace batteries - internal rechargeable battery, integrated battery charger (power the adapter with AC and recharge batteries at the same time), and built-in support for external battery packs such as Anton Bauer

Upgrade Options for Current M2 Owners

Read the FAQ on upgrades for Redrock M2 customers...


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