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Music Video "Step Up" by Maylene and the Sons of Disaster
DP: Van Blumreich
Redrock M2 Encore with Panasonic HPX170 and Nikon Lenses

Clip from feature film "Birth of a Song"
credit: Martin Beek/ Marvels Film
Redrock M2 Encore with Sony EX1 and various Nikon Lenses
"Were Her" - Music Video by The Orbans
credit: The Apparat/ Jon Collins
Redrock M2 Encore with Sony EX1 and Zeiss ZF nikon-mount lenses
"Verlain" - Clip from the series
credit: Burbank Movie Company/Nick Lentz

Redrock M2 Encore with HVX200 and Nikon lenses

Feature Film "Shadows of the Past" (HVX200 + Nikon lenses)
Director: Warren Ryan
DP -Dave Russel

cold hearted

Food Reel (HVX + Nikon lenses)
credit: Eduardo Chacon


Music Video "Cold Hearted" (HVX200 + Zeiss ZF lenses)
Director: Kohta Asakura
DP - Ian Dudley
Band - New Atlantic

cold hearted
Music Video for the artist Bea Kurtis (HVX200 + nikon lenses)
DP: Fred Boyadjian
Director: Marc Finault
"Dorito's Buddy" spec commercial (Funny!)
Director: Ross Adam
Short Film "The Regret" (HVX + Zeiss ZF lenses)
DP: Nathan Beaman
Director: Michael Fisher
the regret

Music Video: Ronnie Day "Outside" (HVX + Nikon Lenses)
DP: Paul Niccolls
Director: Joshua Caldwell
(Part of Ronnie Day Project on mtvU)

Short Film "Shell" (HVX + Zeiss nikon f-mount lenses)
DP: Nathan Beaman
Director: Michael Fisher
Television Commercial for Center for Creative Leadership (HVX + Nikon lenses)
Credit: Obin Olson, DV3 Productions

Alesana "Amborisa" - Music Video (HVX + Nikon lenses)
DP: Vahe Papazyan
Director: Jeremy E Jackson


Music Video from Artist Asli-Yardimci Olmuyor (DVX100 + Nikon lenses)
Director: Devrin Usta
DP: Murat Tuncel
Camera Op: Ergin Ozturk

Music Video for the band "HOWL" (Canon A1 + Nikon lenses)
Director: Raphael Oliveira
Clip from short film "Illegal" (HVX200 + Nikon lenses)
Director: Andrew Oh, DP: Kenneth Yeung
Music Video "Stitches" - Haste The Day (HVX + Nikon lenses)
Credit: Dan Dobi
Short Film "To a Flame" (HVX + Nikon lenses)
Credit: Michael Fisher Director, Nathan Beaman DP
Music Video "The Mission Veo" (HVX + Nikon lenses)
Credit: Vahe Papazyn, Don Dobi
Promotional Clip for the artist Sekou (HVX + Zeiss Contax Lenses)
Credit: Ian Dudley

Clip from the feature film "Nemesis" (HVX200 with Nikon
and Zeiss Superspeed Lenses)
Credit: Justin Marx

Music Video "Bullet"
Credit: Scope Red and Inga Liljestrom
Music Video: Undress You Down
(JVC HD100 with Nikon lenses)
(DP Credit: Taylor Wigton, 447 Productions)
"Nothing Gold" Music Video
Credit: CJ Roy
Television Commercial for UPS (JVC HD100 with Nikon lenses)
Credit: Steve Duchesne
"You're" music video
(HVX + Nikon lenses)
Credit: Warren Kommers
Commercial for Keyton (HVX + Nikon lenses)
Credit: Greg A Sebastian
Nosolo Jazz Spot (HVX+Nikon lenses)
Credit: Greg A. Sebastian

"Quiroga" Short Film (Sony Z1 + Nikon lenses)
Credit: Amilcar Machado

Corporate Video (Sony Z1 + Nikon lenses)
Credit: Christophe Bauer

Spec commercial (Panasonic HVX200 + Nikon Lenses)
Director: Rob Joyce, DP: Khan Bui
note: wmv format

Television Advertisement for Polish Newspaper
DP: Michal Gutowski (HD100 + Canon FD lenses)
Trailer for the film "My Christmas Soldier "

Clip from the Feature Film "Yesterday's Tomorrows"
(HVX200 + Nikon lenses. Courtesy of Vincent Pascoe)


Television Commercial (HVX200 with Nikon lenses)
credit: Chris Karcher


Scenes from Lake Superior
( HVX200 + Nikon lenses)
credit: Alex Horner

Tapped - short film (HVX200 with Nikon lenses)
credit: Michael Maney

Army Boat: a family weekend short somewhere in Poland
(Sony FX1 with Canon EOS lenses, all shothandheld with available light)
(courtesy Albert Rudnick)

Feature Film"All Secrets" (Sony Z1 + nikon lenses)
Credit: Thomas Wotan Suski

Knansler Music Video ( DVX100 with Nikon lenses)
(51MB: Credit Klosse Wistbacka

Comparison footage (HVX200 with and without Nikon Lenses)
(160 MB credit: Chris Karcher - Bovee+Karcher Creative Group )
Director's Monologue
(Credit: Roland Wehap)
Short film "Coyote" (HVX200 + Nikon lenses)
Credit: Brian Peterson

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