M2encore Resources

Click here to download the M2E manual PDF.  (note this file is ~30mb in size.  Right-click and choose 'Save As...' to save the file to your computer.

Click here to download the latest M2encore camera setup chart PDF.

Link to the M2E/microXe Knowledge Base.

Link to the M2E/microXe support forums. (You will need Support Forum access - click here if you need to gain access)

Video tutorials for setup, calibration, the M2 to M2encore upgrade, and collimation are below. They are HD videos with a lot of information, so be sure to pause at each step to review the information as you set up your system.

Users with a 72mm camera lens thread: The integrated achromat may hit the lens of cameras with a front lens thread of 72mm. If you are using these cameras with the Integrated Achromat, attach a 72mm clear UV filter to the camera before attaching your achromat. The M2E camera chart includes this information.


Please Note:  The contents and configurations of bundles and products are subject to change. While videos are kept up to date as much as possible, video tutorials may not accurately represent the latest product configuration. Always consult the online catalog and documentation for the latest product configuration.

M2encore Setup and Calibration Tutorial

M2encore Upgrade and Collimation Tutorial

M2e Camera Specific Tips and Tutorials