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Product Assembly Cards

These cards are included with DSLR components and bundles. You may need Adobe Reader ( to view the files.  You can click the links below to open the files from your browser, or Right-click the link and choose 'Save As' to save the PDF to your hard drive.

DSLR Nano Bundles


DSLR 2.0 Bundles


DSLR Field Bundle v1

(pre April 2010)

DSLR Field Bundle v2

(April 2010)


DSLR Accessories




DSLR Tutorials

We stream all our tutorials from Vimeo.  To save the video look in the lower right corner of the pages linked below for the 'Download' section.  Right-click the link and choose 'Save As' to save the video to your hard drive.

Please Note:  The contents and configurations of bundles and products are subject to change. While videos are kept up to date as much as possible, video tutorials may not accurately represent the latest product configuration. Always consult the online catalog and documentation for the latest product configuration.

DSLR Cinema Bundle, DSLR Field Bundle v1

(for DSLR Cinema bundle, and Field Bundle v1 (cage setup version))

DSLR 2.0 Bundles

(Capt. Stubling, Ultraport,

eyeSpy pre-9/16/09 revision)

*old tutorial*

DSLR Field/Cinema Bundles

(for DSLR cinema bundles using the microSupport baseplate and shims)

eyeSpy DSLR Bundles

(for eyeSpy bundles purchased after 9/16/09)